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Delaying Lunch Can Make You Fat

Delaying Lunch Can Make You Fat

Do not Delaying Lunch, It Can Make You More Fat

The success of weight loss program not only depends on what you eat, but also when a person eats. Lunch, for example, should not be delayed by more than 3 pm because it can make fat fast.

This was revealed in a study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital involving 420 people with weight problems. All participants were recruited overweight; even some have been categorized as obese.

Participants involved in the program on the same diet over a period of 20 weeks. Settings portion and diet is the same, but the schedule was not specified. Includes lunch, there was a lunch time and there is often too late.

The results showed that participants who used to eat lunch on time tend to be more successful at losing weight. Participants who ate before 3 pm down 2.3 kg more than participants who ate his lunch after 3 pm.

The difference is still observed even after adjusted for other factors such as caloric intake, and hormonal composition, especially leptin and ghrelin are associated with appetite. It shows, lunchtime becomes independent factors that affect body weight.

From this we know that the meal itself can play an important role in the regulation of body weight. In addition, this study also shows that participant are often put off lunch tend to like to skip breakfast. As is known, avoid the breakfast is not good for the diet because food intake in the morning is important to maintain metabolism.

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