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About Me - Why a Natural Dog Health Web Site

About Me - Why a Natural Dog Health Web Site

About Me - Why a Natural Dog Health Web Site

A short story about me and my dreams. I grew up in Singapore, and while I was young there were always a few dogs and other animals around the house.

Having dogs just seemed natural to me, and they became an important part of my life I would never consider being without.

Being raised with dogs and having them nearby just about my entire life has given me an abiding love for dogs and a deep sense of compassion for the strays I see on the streets. Right now I have three dogs that I''ve adopted over the past few years.

I''ve made it my mission in life to try to help dogs however I can, but I''m especially dedicated to helping strays. In fact, one of my lifelong dreams is to build a dog shelter for homeless animals in my area. I''m working toward achieving that goal as hard as I can.

I''m also passionate about helping other dog lovers understand that affordable but safe and effective dog care products are available. If I can help people from all walks of life understand that owning a dog doesn''t need to be expensive, more people will realize that they''re able to afford having their own dog.

And that means fewer homeless dogs will need to wait for their "forever families" in animal shelters. It also means fewer unwanted dogs will be euthanized because of the shelters'' lack of funding or space.

So helping people learn that dog care can be affordable is, in my opinion, one of the best ways I can fulfill my passion for helping strays and other dogs.

Going Natural

When it comes to caring for my own dogs, I strongly prefer dog food, health care remedies, food supplements and other dog-related products that use natural ingredients.

My website mentions some of the natural products I''ve tried on my own dogs throughout the years.

I feel comfortable recommending those products because I''ve done quite a bit of research and my personal experience with them has always been good.

Goals in Life

As I said, my long-term goal is to build a local dog shelter. I''ve been working toward achieving the financial freedom and free time I need in order to do that.

Once I have enough money and time to build the shelter, I can give homeless dogs a roof over their head and plenty of nutritious food.

I also won''t need to worry any more about strays and unwanted dogs being abused, because I''ll be able to give them a place to live where they''ll be safe and protected.

In addition to building a dog shelter in my area, I have another long-term goal. I''ve always wanted a small house that has a little garden. That way my dogs and I can all be as close to nature as possible instead of having to live cooped up inside an apartment.

I also want to be able to give money to any animal shelters that are in need of some assistance, because they all provide homes (even if they''re temporary) to the unwanted dogs I''m so passionate about.

I have ambitious goals for my life, but I''m doing my best to achieve them.

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